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InfoDirect for Parents

parent-loginParents can log onto InfoDirect to view the gradebook, see homework assignments, sports schedules, order lunches, pay tuition and a host of other services.  

InfoDirect provides parents with everything they need to know about the school and their students. No more lost notes, forgotten homework, phone tag, or end-of-period grade "surprises." You will be able to view and order lunches, see grades, keep up with homework, view calendars, conduct business in your financial accounts, and much, much more.
It is vitally important that you keep information current on InfoDirect. Sign in to your InfoDirect account using your family ID and Password (not the student ID and password) and update information. Look on the left side and you will see the Navigation menu, click on “Re-enrollment” to access student data. Carefully check information on each page and under the different tabs on the Parent pages, and make changes as needed. On the Contacts Page, the Emergency Contact information is listed at the top and those individuals authorized to PICK UP the child are listed at the bottom. Remember, other than the parents, a child will only be released to those individuals listed in the PICK UP section. On the last page titled “Finish,” there will be the following two options to choose from:
  • By pushing the submit button, I am performing one of the following:
  • Requesting the school re-enroll my student according to the terms defined in the above registration sections.
  • Submitting additional information during the school year or modifying existing information to update school records.

Be sure you mark the second option “Submitting additional information during the school year or modifying existing information to update school records,” digitally sign your name, and submit the information.